Streamworks Workload Automation by Arvato Systems

avtor: Arvato Systems

Streamworks Workload Automation by Arvato Systems

Streamworks offers
  • A central repository for definitions and dependencies of your recurrent and/or event-based workload processing.
  • A powerful engine to execute workloads on any platform.
  • A reliable logging system to meet audit and compliance targets.

Lower your IT costs
  • Save efforts by automation of periodic workloads.
  • Use integrated self services to satisfy business users.
  • Run Streamworks as scalable pay-per-use solution on Azure.

Improve quality and flexibility in daily business
  • Use single point of control for whole workload management.
  • Synchronize business and internal IT processes.
  • Perform once-only changes easily, traceable and right away.

Shift time from error handling to predictive planning
  • Overcome isolated, error-prone, asynchronous operations.
  • Define rule-based, automated incident handling.
  • Use integrated workload statistics and analytics.

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