Avanade M365 Adoption & Change as a Service powered by Nulia FY24

avtor: Avanade, Inc.

Enabling your people with the features that drive the greatest business impact and ROI.

Many organizations have failed to fully realize the value of their Microsoft 365 investment, by not addressing an essential ingredient: effectively enabling their people. The value at stake is significant, with 60% or more of Microsoft 365 benefits at risk due to poor user enablement and resulting poor adoption. A common issue is that organizations are trying to use pre-digital era change methodologies in a digital world and upwards of 70% of these initiatives are failing to realize the intended goals. A modern approach is needed and by augmenting your change approach with Avanade’s innovative tools and practices you can achieve a:

• 150% increase in feature use
• 43% increase on M365 ROI
• 21% increased productivity

But it is not once and done. The number of M365 features has increased 1600% over previous years, and this shows no signs of slowing. Our research has identified that 55% of new features require behavior change to realize their value. You need an ongoing service which helps you prioritize and enable your people on features that drive the most business impact, and not distract them with features that don’t. Enter change-as-a-service from Avanade and Nulia.

Benefits for you: reduced training costs, reduced time sourcing and creating content, increased ROI from your M365 investment – deliver measurable business value and have more time for the “big” changes that move your business forward.

Benefits for your people: less time training – more time doing, less time Googling how-to’s, increased digital dexterity, increased hybrid working effectiveness – happier, more productive people.

Introducing the Avanade Change-as-a-Service POC, in partnership with Nulia. Together, we will explore how you can improve employee productivity, hybrid collaboration, and satisfaction. The POC includes:

Nulia Works licenses for pilot users for the duration of the POC

• Implementation of Nulia Works Platform
• Project Management
• Delivery of the service to pilot participants
• Avanade Advisory Services to help you:
o Gain M365 insights needed to identify, plan and automate the execution of adoption
o Identify the skills and behaviors that underpin business outcomes
o Prioritize the M365 skills and behaviors that will have the greatest impact to achieving business outcomes
o Map the M365skills and behaviors in the Nulia Works platform to facilitate behavioral change and increased efficiency

Duration: 1 – 3 Months

Expected outcomes:
• Proof the tool works in your environment
• Proof the service can impact behavior

• Office 365 tenant established with usage
• Security approval for Nulia Works
• Global administration rights for installation
• Identification of pilot user group (up to XXX users)
• Client Product Owner

*Pricing varies based on the scope of the engagement.

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