AnnounceBot Automated and Personalized Greetings

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Send personalized automated reminders and wishes on birthdays, work anniversaries and special events

AnnounceBot helps you celebrate milestones, birthdays, work anniversaries and all special occasions with your team. Perfect for team bonding and adding joy to special days. Works automatically with minimal setup. Avoid cumbersome calendars and manual work.

Increase engagement, collaboration and retention with AnnounceBot Premium:

  • Send personalized greetings on birthdays and work anniversaries

  • Send automated birthday and work anniversary reminders

  • Send personalized onboarding messages to new hires

  • Introduce new hires to the team

  • Send personalized group cards on birthdays

  • Schedule customized greetings for upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries

  • Send customized greetings on special occasions like holidays, promotions, etc.

  • Send early birthday and work anniversary messages for weekend dates

  • Automatically collect birthdates and joining dates

  • Collect birthdates and joining dates using a spreadsheet

  • Allow admin access to multiple users

Why Avista? “Avista is dedicated to workplace health through engagement and connection”
Avista, makers of AnnounceBot, is a team of technology experts and they offer Microsoft Teams products that help you cultivate healthy workplace connections.

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