Aware AI for Pathways

avtor: Aware Group

AI-enabled cameras enabling cities and campuses to gather insights on their pathway usage.

Aware AI for Pathways uses cameras with AI to provide accurate and comprehensive data that helps cities and campuses make informed decisions on the planning, development, zoning, and maintenance of their pathways and cycle lanes.

Existing methods for data collection in outdoor environments all have a variety of problems that make them ineffective and inefficient: infrared sensors have poor performance in wet conditions and misclassify some types of traffic; pressure sensors lack the ability to track cyclists and cannot be used for footpaths; and inductive loops misclassify traffic based on the material of vehicles and are completely unable to track pedestrians.
Aware AI for Pathways uses a custom computer vision model to turn video footage from urban cameras into data. This is then presented through an interactive, near-real-time dashboard. The reports can also be integrated into a customer’s existing systems or presented as a queryable datastore.
Unlike other computer vision offerings, the AI model processes footage on the edge. This means the devices do not send images off the device, just data. Thus, the privacy of those in view of the camera is completely maintained.

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