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BX:EDUCATION is a comprehensive school management software.

BX:EDUCATION is a comprehensive school administration software that has been completely built on the basis of the latest technological possibilities and with a well thought-out modern and intuitive user interface. Modern requirements for school administration are highly complex. The innovative school administration software BX:EDUCATION fis a scalable, modular ERP optimised for schools and designed for use in multi-layered application scenarios. Furthermore, BX:EDUCATION can be easily integrated into your system landscape and thus offers the possibility of linking with your existing peripheral systems such as accounting software, CRM and/or CMS solutions. A direct connection to Office365 (Sharepoint and Teams) is also available.

Our school administration system is very easy to use. Users quickly find their way around and navigate effortlessly through the system with just a few clicks. From the very beginning, BX:EDUCATION was designed to simplify complex processes for users and thus provide the administration with a powerful tool.

BX:EDUCATION is a complete solution - that means all standard processes of a school administration solution are covered. There are no additional modules or hidden costs. Thanks to its modular structure, BX:EDUCATION is not only updateable and thus future-proof, but also allows for adjustments to modules as well as individual expansion of the solution with customised specific processes.

Education module
In the Education module, a clever template management system is used to organise and manage all courses and events (e.g. information event). In addition, all subjects and course modules are stored here, classes are created and assigned to specific teachers. Administrative work within the classes, such as attendance or grades, etc., is also carried out in the Education module (teachers can be given direct access to their classes for this purpose).

Teaching module
In the BX:EDUCATION teaching module, teaching units are planned, lecturer assignments are defined and teaching is documented. The attendance and performance of the participants in a teaching unit can be documented in this module. The focus is on providing teaching staff with a tool that makes their work much easier. BX:EDUCATION gives them the freedom to concentrate on teaching.

CRM module
The CRM module contains all personal data of teachers, students, alumni and interested parties. All activities such as correspondence (letters, emails), registrations, grades and documents are stored directly with the respective persons and can thus be found quickly.

Finance module
The Finance module covers all invoicing based on the addresses from the CRM module. Partial billing (e.g. cost distribution student/employer) as well as the dunning process are possible directly in the system. Furthermore, it supports the connection to accounting systems (currently Abacus; others will follow).

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