Preskoči na glavno vsebino



Turn any presentation into a collaborative and productive moment

Beekast is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentation to engage your audience through digital and interactive activities.

Simply upload your PowerPoint (or .pdf / .key) presentation and add as many activities as you need. Share your session code and let your participants join in to send them real-time activities.

Then access statistics to get an overview of your presentation, analyse the results or explore each user's activity to understand your impact. Just click "Export" to get an Excel file you can use to share or work with the data you just collected.

Beekast can help you analyse the impact of your class, your commercial presentation, conference or any other presentation.

Use your smartphone as a remote to manage your presentation from anywhere in the room.

Our audioconf feature allows you to use your interactive presentation in any context, even if your team is abroad!

Beekast also offers a full range of advanced security settings such as white-lists, black lists, password protection, domain name restriction... So you can enjoy a productive and collaborative moment even if you share confidential information.

Activities include:

  • Social Wall
  • Poll
  • Word cloud
  • Feedback form
  • Brainstorming
  • Challenge
  • Selfie Wall
  • Scoring
  • Ranking of proposals
  • Prioritization

Additional features:

  • Agenda
  • File sharing
  • who's who
  • External web pages
  • Color and logo customization