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Gain real-time water distribution insights using Digital Twin technology

OpenFlows WaterSight combines SCADA, GIS, hydraulic modeling, and customer information into a single, interoperable dashboard. Access to cloud-based insights from various enterprise sources delivers a utility-wide view into the detection of critical system and individual asset performance information, enabling more efficient operations and maintenance planning decisions.  

Operators are no longer limited by the number and accuracy of sensors. You can readily monitor flow, pressure, and water quality conditions at every point in the system. With OpenFlows WaterSight, non-revenue water is assessed and reduced using live water audit calculations. Improve energy efficiency leveraging real-time analyses of each pump and tank, with alerts for when performance is outside of service thresholds.

OpenFlows WaterSight enables computation of present, historic, and forecasted performance for every asset within the system. Users can confidently share with stakeholders detailed graphics of current system performance, as well as the expected consequences and improvement for actions related to operational and maintenance activity. Moreover, you can virtually test and simulate response measures for emergency situations, such fires, pipe breaks, pump outages, or other time-critical events.

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