Better Platform

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Digital transformation suited to healthcare’s needs. Build upon strong foundation.

Market-leading openEHR data platform designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record (EHR) data on a national, regional or institutional level in healthcare. 

We strive for all health data to be vendor-neutral and easily accessible throughout the patient’s life. Our mission is to help governments, local authorities, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions achieve that. We are dedicated to helping our customers and partners easily cope with future advancements in technology and business models in healthcare. Health care data has traditionally been stored across multiple health care organizations, with incompatible computer systems, making care coordination, real-time analytics and knowledge discovery difficult.

Open platform supporting frontline clinicians and other Health and Care Professionals in its curation by providing relevant patient information to be available in the right place at the right time to promote safe and efficient care. The platform enables healthcare settings to store clinical, health, health-related and care information that will be useful for another unknown health practitioner providing clinical care in other circumstances at another time in the future. As such enabling better outcomes for patients by delivering contextual and actionable insights to serve users across the healthcare ecosystem. The platform is working on interoperability and compatibility in e-health, and, as its name suggests, its main focus is electronic patient records and systems.

Key benefits

  • Semantic interoperability out of the box - Easier cooperation and data exchange among all who are involved in the project
  • Scalability - Suitable for either a GP practice, hospital, region or nationwide EHR solutions
  • Modular approach - Enabling to use existing functionalities as needed and develop your own
  • Lower your maintenance cost - Changes in health data sets do not interfere with working processes
  • Privacy - Strong security measures to protect the data in scope of GDPR
  • Standardization - Focus on application development, not standardisation/classification of medical data

Key features

  • Form builder - Low-code tool
  • Pre-built clinical content
  • Two-layer architecture
  • Easy data migration (Extract, Transfer, Load) - ETL tool
  • Terminology and demography servers
  • Content-aware IHE XDS