BIA Reporting

avtor: BI4ALL

BIA Reporting is a BI reporting portal that will centralize your company’s reports and dashboards.

Making decisions, reducing costs, improving processes are some of the main tasks that managers and professionals face daily. Therefore, it is essential to have access to the principal business insights effortlessly and immediately, thus achieving a complete business view. Analysing and correcting profitability losses or directing the strategy can make a difference to achieve your company’s goals and be a number one player.

BIA Reporting allows you to present an unlimited number of BI reports and dashboards and share that information with anyone, whether you are inside or outside of your organization.

With intuitive and quick access, you can see all your Organization's data in one place. Consequently, you can centralize, consult, organize, share and collaborate on different reports and dashboards, ensuring better decisions and putting your business at the forefront of the market.


Main benefits of BIA Reporting:

  • Organizing and centralizing reports in a single location
  • Simple access with quick and easy learning for all users
  • Mark favourite reports, in addition to associate tags and attributes
  • Intelligent search through names or tags
  • Permissions for internal and external users with security and privacy
  • Customize the portal with your branding
  • Cloud-based, no need for software or local servers

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