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Make day-to-day life of an employee stress-free, productive, simple, & meaningful

The offer brings a host of benefits to the employee experience. By simplifying workflows, increasing efficiency, promoting collaboration, providing a seamless user experience, enabling real-time notifications, and offering flexibility and customization options. With a unified platform for managing employee inquiries, tickets, and relevant data. The flexibility and customization options of the integrated solution empower employees to work in a way that suits their preferences and workflows. Overall, the integration of with Microsoft Teams enhances the employee experience and contributes to a more productive, efficient, and satisfying work environment.

About is a Gen AI-powered conversation platform that delivers autonomous, human-like experiences for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth.


  1. 24/7 multilingual support across channels
Effortlessly connect your employees with our dynamic AI agents on 35+ text and voice channels to effectively resolve queries in 135+ languages, streamline operations and boost employee satisfaction.

2. AI-enabled agents for effective query resolutions assists agents with Generative AI-enabled auto-response, ticket summarization, and issue insights to ensure that employees receive contextual resolutions for their queries.

3. Personalized employee engagement
Engage with their employees on an individualized level with personalized experiences throughout their cycle, from onboarding to performance management and wellness support.


1. Optimize support operations with Dynamic Automation platform (DAP)
Empower your business with's Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), designed to elevate employee experiences through higher deflection rates and faster resolution times. Engineered for scalability and accuracy, the platform harnesses our proprietary zero-shot learning DynamicNLP™ and cutting-edge multi-LLM generative AI models.

2. Design and launch conversations in minutes with Generative AI
Create engaging conversational journeys with's Dynamic Conversation Designer. Seamlessly design and deploy AI chat and voice bots, leveraging a user-friendly interface, preview features, auto-generated development flows, and dynamic chat suggestions powered by Generative AI.

3. Reduce go-live time with pre-built templates in the Marketplace
Marketplace helps enterprises deploy Dynamic AI agents 2x faster with 150+ prebuilt accelerators, workflows and templates for employee onboarding, support, engagement and more. Though pre-built, these templates are customizable as per business needs to cater to specific employee journeys.

4. Drive smarter employee initiatives with advanced analytics
Improve employee satisfaction using real-time insights from bot analytics. Drive insights-based employee initiatives with metrics available in the form of dashboards, widgets and reports on employee feedback, journeys and most frequent inquiries.

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