Recnice: Flexible Employee Recognition Platform

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Boost staff satisfaction and productivity with rewards platform using corporate currency & gift shop

If you want to recognize and reward employees effectively, you need a tool that makes it easy. With Recnice, you can quickly integrate and effortlessly manage an employee recognition program that fits your needs. Give employees the recognition they deserve — and ensure your best talent stays with your organization for the long haul.

Recnice allows simply integrate transparent, highly customizable recognition and reward processes built on top of the corporate currency and gift shop!

Simple and secure integration

  • Automated User Provisioning (requires Recnice OpenID Connect to be installed from Azure Active Directory Gallery)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Control the app permissions and data it has access to


  • Define recognition process details and adjust it if needed
  • Reward employees automatically or manually
  • Customizable email templates

No extra workload for HR department
  • Configure once and simply monitor your program execution
  • Schedule a list of occasions to automatically reward specific groups of employees
  • Migrate your existing company benefits to the company gift shop
  • Automate greeting emails delivery


  • Track the program budget
  • Track the program KPIs
  • Plan and forecast the budget

What makes a good rewards and recognition program? We did our research and found the most effective way to recognize employees. And now, we’re sharing it with you!

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