BindPlane Multi-cloud Monitoring for Azure Monitor

avtor: Blue Medora

Gain essential visibility into AWS services from within Microsoft Azure Monitor.

Blue Medora's BindPlane solution seamlessly monitors public cloud resource behavior and performance within Microsoft Azure Monitor using BindPlane. Pull metrics and more from 10 AWS services into Azure Log Analytics using BindPlane's agentless integrations. The current early access program includes 10 AWS services, with Google and IBM Softlayer clouds coming soon. For updates, please visit BindPlane is an integration cloud service for Azure Log Analytics that delivers deep metrics, configuration details, pre-defined dashboards for complete operational and performance insight across public clouds. Highlights:
  1. AWS services: EC2, EC2 Container Service, RDS, S3, Redshift, DynamoDB, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticsearch, and Kinesis
  2. Exposes performance and configuration related metrics, plus computed metrics while Amazon CloudWatch just exposes raw performance data for AWS services
  3. Dimensional data: Deep monitoring data based on expertise and enterprise knowledge base, imbued with relational visibility across the AWS IT stack
  4. Intelligent data collection: Agentless smart collector with connected endpoint awareness and touchless management
  5. Operational dashboards: 10 use case specific dashboard templates deliver dimensional data in operational context for relational visibility across AWS services
  6. Simple and secure
Unlock the potential of OMS and Log Analytics with Blue Medora BindPlane.

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