RBEI Trac360Retail

avtor: Bosch

A cloud based IoT Suite for condition monitoring and energy management of retail store assets.

Bosch Trac360 is a purpose built IoT platform to enable customers to track and smartly manage products, assets or shipment in real-time, using integrated technologies. The Bosch Trac360 platform offers cross domain, comprehensive IoT applications specifically designed to meet today’s critical need of visibility & traceability, reduced risks and optimized costs.

Trac360Retail, a cloud-based IoT solution for real-time tracking and visibility across a commercial site is designed to monitor in real time, energy consumed, performance, utilization and conditional factors to be maintained within certain thresholds. This solution runs on open source database, MySQL.

Trac360Retail expertly analyzes the data received from various assets to identify potential faults as well as opportunities for improving their operations and efficiency.

IoT-enabled sensors gather and relay real-time information on various parameters that contribute to the integrity of assets interms of energy consumed, performance, utilization and conditional factors to be maintained within certain thresholds.

The solution focuses the following areas:

  • Non-intrusive Load monitoring
  • Digitization of maintenance
  • Automated condition monitoring of products
  • Asset healthand utilization
  • Event signaling

From a user interface point-of-view, Trac360Retail integrates with the Azure Cloud to display intuitive dashboards that triggernotifications, detect irregularities, identify patterns and provide insights necessary to make smarter decisions from planning store inventory levels,quality management, energy consumption and reduce product wastage. Real-time alerts and notifications provide the information necessary to respond instantly to issues. To protect sensitive information, access can be defined by role.

Finally, the level of tracking and tracing offered by Trac360Retail makes it possible to continuously monitor all store assets and their products. When issues are detected, alerts or notifications can be sent to maintenance teams or a specific technician for acknowledgingand resolving.

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