avtor: Botdoc

Secure Digital Transport - FedEx of Data and Documents

Botodoc is allowing developers to bolt on the Botdoc API to existing or new systems to transport data and documents securely in and out of a system (via text (SMS) and email) without any person needing a login or direct access to that system. Reduced logins are reducing infrastructure costs, reducing the attack surface area and segregating the software with a new secure digital transportation layer making systems more secure. Operational efficiencies are obtained by being able to collect and send documents and data without needing consumers or businesses to set up accounts, download apps etc. There is now a difference between "sharing" something and "sending" data. If you are imposing a sharing technological requirement on a sending situation (95% of the time only sending is needed), then the system and business is not as secure as it should be, not as efficient or effective and putting too much friction between its users. Remote real-time data collection is the future of the consumer experience and transforming the global market of Secure Digital Transport.

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