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Visually design, deploy, and manage your Azure infrastructures with Terraform Infrastructure as Code

Brainboard is a revolutionary solution to create and manage all of your cloud infrastructures in Azure using Terraform infrastructure as code (IaC). Our collaborative platform allows cloud architects, Solution Architects, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps all to work together simultaneously.

Here's the deal:

1. You can learn Terraform and manage your own infrastructure for 25% of the cost of hiring a consultant or managed service provider.

2. Brainboard decreases the amount of time it takes to go from design to deployment from months to days (sometimes hours).

Don't Reinvent the Wheel - Take advantage of IaC best practices and standardization that are native parts of Brainboard.

Accurate Designs with Low-Level Terraform Code - Brainboard gives you the power to design cloud architectures as accurately, and automatically generates low-level Terraform code that you can inspect and approve.

Collaborate - Communication is key to reducing bottlenecks for the cloud architecture lifecycle. Increase engineer's velocity by allowing great team collaboration, in real-time.

Multi-Cloud by Design - Each cloud provider has different requirements. Brainboard natively includes guide-rails to help you design Terraform code according to each cloud provider's best practices.

Document and Audit EVERYTHING - While building HLDs is easy, converting them into code, maintaining and scaling them are a challenge. Brainboard eliminates the barrier between designing and coding, allowing for a 100% accurate representation of your production infrastructure, even in multi-cloud environments.

Be the Enabler for Your Team - Brainboard allows you and your team to stay DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) by building cloud architecture patterns that anyone can pick off the shelf and easily use (reusable Templates and Modules)

Measure the Impact of the Change Before you Deploy - Brainboard allows you to have security checks, cost estimation ensuring your processes are respected before introducing any change, not after.

Native CI/CD Engine - build stages, manage dependencies, and approvals without any YAML syntax.

Try it today and take back control of your infrastructure

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