Broadage Sports Data Solutions

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You can easily integrate our sports data widgets into your digital platform without any development effort, create visitor experience and engagement with affordable prices.
All widgets work on Microsoft Azure platform so it is faster than all platforms.

You are ready in just 3 steps.
Thanks to our cost-effective integration model; you don’t need development work to integrate Broadage Sports Widgets. Just paste the script to the html body of the page you want to use the widget in and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to contact you, just pay with your credit card and get what you need to enhance your website or application with quality sports content. You will get a generated script which will let you to integrate the widget or widgets as quick as possible.

Broadage Sports’s operational staff and 600+ scout team tracks more than 90,000 sporting events a year. Broadage tracks every possession of the ball, every shot and goal in extensive detail to provide exclusive information and data from our proprietary databases to our clients. It offers a world-wide portfolio of sports information solutions including real-time scores, historical sports information and turnkey hosted solutions designed according to clients’ needs. Our understanding of sport and the industry around it means that we know how to best supply the information in the way it is required. We have one of the greatest sports coverage in the planet including more than 20 sports from 110 countries all around the world in 20 languages. Our services are consumed by miscellaneous sectors world-wide including broadcasters, internet media companies, betting companies, TV stations, newspapers, magazines, mobile operators, game developers, professional clubs, sports federations, individual professionals, scouting agencies, print media and so on.

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