Tribe: Social Action & Community Capacity

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Connecting communities to address national care inequality

Tribe connects local people seeking support to volunteers and providers in their community. Our digital model has significantly lower overheads and administration costs that mean consumers get better value and workers are paid fairly.

What is the Tribe Project

The mission of ‘The Tribe Project’ (Tribe) is to directly address national care inequality, improving the quality of life for millions of vulnerable people

Tribe a co-production driven, social action initiative to upskill members of the community within areas of inequality to become micro commissionable community carers. Through combining the latest advances in smart cities and machine learning technology, Tribe is able to geospatially orientate and ultimately predict patterns in community ‘need’. Our technologies focus is on plotting localities where service demand is predicted to intersect with known areas where care provision is either failing or none existent. Focusing within these care ‘dark patches’ Tribe directly facilitate the growth of social action and care provision via an g-cloud approved overarching digital framework. Working in collaboration with ‘Skills for Care’ and CIC business ‘Community Catalysts’ the platform also provides mobile centred digital training to support the digital upskilling of voluntary organisations, community groups and people seeking to start their own care micro-enterprises. The Tribe Project ultimately results in skilled employment for local people in areas of care inequality.


  • Create a new and sustainable care provider market without disruption to existing provision
  • Facilitate growth and management of Direct Payments
  • Digitally upskill population relative to community demand
  • Build community resilience through social action
  • Boosts employment opportunities using community need as an economic driver

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