Bryder Platform

avtor: Bryder Building Cloud BV

Building Information Platform for easy store, search and share building information

Bryder is a 3D Building Intelligence Platform, used by thousands of users as the single source of truth of building information on their portfolio of buildings. With Bryder they can easily capture, search and share building information saving time and enhancing decision making.

Central to our approach is the 3D Digital Twin of a building. The 3d view is a powerful visualization and localization instrument for users, enabling tailormade views for specific user requirements.

Over the last five years, taking a software approach we have managed to industrialize the sourcing of building information and the production of 3D Digital Twins enabling a profitable business case to our customers and a speedy and smooth digitization process. Both in the initial digitization phase as in the maintenance and enrichment phase.

The Bryder Platform is the first step needed to reap the benefits of the Metaverse, Connected Smart buildings and Digital Twins.

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