Canvass AI Mass Balance Solution

avtor: Canvass Analytics Inc.

Industrial AI Mass Balance Solution for Crude Unit

The Crude Unit Mass Balance Solution uses advanced Industrial AI techniques to detect faulty sensors, reconcile measurements and fill in instrumentation gaps through soft sensors to report feed and product material flows more accurately. Canvass’ Mass Balance solution has been successfully used on a Crude Distillation Column by engineers to diagnose material loss, input corrected measurements into optimization tools, and improve feedstock intake and production. By using the solution in everyday process troubleshooting, engineers can improve unit yield performance while also improving their own efficiency.

Solution Benefits for Engineers:
  • Engineers save up to 40% of their time while solving complex troubleshooting and optimization problems by using the Mass Balance solution for early diagnosis and data reconciliation in their existing workflow.
  • By using current and more accurate measurements engineers can make more confident decisions to improve yield, yield accounting and provide timely support for operations.
  • The AI-based mass balancing monitoring tool integrates the experiential knowledge of the unit engineer in troubleshooting mass balance issues into a tool that both improves efficiency of the unit engineer and shortens the ramp up time for future incoming engineers to the unit.

Solution Benefits for Operators:
  • An average refinery in the USA will generate $1M/Year in additional profits with only 0.1% improvement in feed intake through corrected mass balance measurements.
  • The accurate and timely data-informed guidance to operators from the Mass Balance solution will result in additional benefits such as better energy utilization, reduced emissions and improved yield.

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