Augmented Analytics

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Augmented Analytics uses AI techniques to show business people the insights most important to them

Augmented Analytics drives SharePoint and Microsoft 365 adoption and users’ productivity with AI-driven data analytics maps that pinpoints problematic areas on the SharePoint page so you can take action based on the data.

Augmented Analytics uses innovative processes to automate data analysis and speed up the process of analyzing data, while simultaneously minimizing errors, maximizing data accuracy, and ultimately improving the efficiency of analyzing data.
Using AI-Driven Analytics we help your data analysts and decision makers by transforming, extracting, loading and providing clean and high quality data presented by Augmented Analytics data maps.

You’ll be able to see things such as each and every click performed on the page, or if preferred, you can see button clicks by number or the total clicks on a link or an image on a specific page. Data can also be visualized as a heat map, to emphasize even more where the hotspots on the page are.

The following Augmented Analytics' data maps are available to help managers and stakeholders understand what data is consumed and what actions can be taken to improve:

    • Click Map
    • Object Map
    • Heat Map
    • Scroll Map
    • Mouse Trail Map

Visualizing the tracked data in different formats helps with easier interpretation and analysis, and therefore making the digital workplace more efficient and productive for users.

With the different maps listed above, organizations can quickly and easily:

    • Find out where to add links directly to the home page and how much time it will save you
    • Find out what valuable information to move from the bottom of the page to the top
    • Find out which images to turn to a clickable link and how much time it will save you per week
    • Find out what content can be removed in order to surface more popular content

Augmented Analytics also provides meaningful insights that take you step by step in order to improve your site or content and transform how analytics can be consumed.

These automated insights are actionable because it connects directly to an action that can be taken to solve a problem on the platform.

The insights being actionable is extremely helpful because they serve as a guiding light for what should be prioritized on the platform to help drive business productivity.

Augmented Analytics requires a subscription for its service.

Add the Augmented Analytics add-in to start a 14-day free trial, or request a personal demo.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

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