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Choose Immuware™ today to help you achieve compliance 40% faster.

Say "Good-Bye" to: 
  • Maintaining paper records 
  • Chasing down employees 
  • Creating manual compliance reports 
  • Printing employees' health records 

Ensure an ever-ready front line with: Immuware™ - An award-winning, best-in-class employee health system (EHS) and occupational health system (OHS) has revolutionized the way organizations capture, track, record, and analyze employee occupational and health data and immunization surveillance. It allows healthcare organizations, hospital systems and various other organizations to automate staff health compliance with; easy-to-use real-time reporting, highly secure Microsoft® Azure cloud hosting and an online portal that empowers employees to share accountability in your organization’s compliance. Choose Immuware™ today to help you achieve compliance 40% faster (or more), reduce administrative time by an average of two hours per year per employee and drastically reduce the risk of HIPAA and OSHA penalties.

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