Plastic SCM

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Plastic SCM is a full version control stack. It includes native GUIs, branching and merge tools.

Plastic SCM is your one-stop shop for all things version control. It is a distributed and centralized VCS with easy branching, intuitive GUIs and semantic diff and merge technology. It works on prem or in the cloud and its performance outshines the competitors'. It is designed to perform under heavy load, across continents and fast as lightning.

It is also designed for teams to deliver work constantly, one task at a time. It shines when trunk-based development or task per branch is conducted but any type of branching scheme and production pipeline will work.

It integrates with almost any issue tracker, code review, CI / CD tool you can imagine and it also incorporate build automation.

In essence, it's the perfect DevOps productivity and collaboration tool. Large files and huge repos are handled by Plastic SCM seamlessly.

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