Workspace Engine

avtor: Cegeka NV

Microsoft preferred solution

The Workspace Engine is a Self-Service Framework

The Workspace Engine is a Self-Service Framework to support the automation and evolution of collaboration workspaces in Office 365 and SharePoint. Typical scenarios are the creation of collaborative solutions to support processes with regards to e.g. tenders/proposals/projects/workgroups/extranet scenarios, … This engine unburdens your IT-department from repetitive tasks – manual creation of workspaces – so the team can focus more on their core tasks. By using this solution, information workers can easily request workspaces themselves without needing IT support. This by just clicking on the desired predefined and corporate approved template, entering the required information, routing the workspace through an optional approval process and the Workspace Engine will do the rest. The added value for your company is a more standardized way of working, increased productivity, reduced risks and maintenance costs. The business feels empowered while IT can focus on the usage and governance of the solution – and grow as a business partner instead of a ticket resolver.

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