Central Logic Healthcare Access & Orchestration

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Central Logic Healthcare Access & Orchestration, for Hospitals, Health Systems & Regional Agencies

Central Logic was founded on the belief that health system growth and success depends on delivering patients safe, quick, and efficient access to the right care at the right location without delay. We remain dedicated to the successful orchestration and navigation of patients through the entire continuum of care and know that “access” all comes down to making it easier for patients and providers to work with your health system.

Central Logic combines software with clinician-lead consulting to ensure that patients get the best care possible as soon as possible. Our holistic, fully integrated solution includes inbound and outbound transfers; at-a-glance bed and PPE visibility; centralized, real-time physician and provider scheduling; intelligent, automated transport coordination; real-time analytics; and comprehensive consulting. Our experience orchestrating more than 10 million transfers has not only made us the market leader but also taught us that if we can help you achieve your access goals, your organization will achieve its business goals...and your patients will thrive.

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