avtor: Checkbook

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No more paper, just send a Digital Check!

Checkbook is a simpler, easier and more secure payment solution enabling businesses and individuals to send payments via a "Digital Check". Paper Checks have been around for a long time, and even though businesses have evolved, Paper Checks have not. Checkbook lets businesses move away from paper to deliver Digital Checks directly to a recipients email. This allows businesses to keep all their existing Accounts Payable (or Accounts Receivable processes) in place while moving to a completely online solution.

To send a check all you need is the name and email of the recipient along with the amount you are sending. Recipients do not need to sign-up for any service, download any app or pay any fees to receive payments. Digital Checks can be deposited and cashed online after instantly verifying your banking credentials. Instead of paying high transaction fees on credit and debit cards, or sharing sensitive bank account and routing numbers to payors.

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