Spreadsheet/Model End User Computing (EUC) Risk Management

avtor: CIMCON Software llc

Inventory, Discovery and Change Management tools for automated EUC/Model risk management

End-User Computing (EUC) applications such as spreadsheets, Python/R/SQL/SAS scripts, and Access databases are highly error prone, and subject to financial, compliance and reputational risk. CIMCON's EUC Insight software is a single integrated platform that automates the Discovery, Inventory and Change Management) of EUCs/Models within your organization for multiple EUC file types.

EUC Insight Discovery helps you understand your EUC/Model landscape, analyze linkages and data flows, and identify high risk EUCs.
EUC Insight Inventory allows you to configure your own Inventory to manage a register of all your EUCs with information such as Owner, Department, Purpose, Use and Reviewers/Approvers with attestation dates, self assessments, and workflows.
EUC Insight Change Management monitors your high risk EUCs/Models for changes and implements a structured review and approval process with configurable workflows.


1. Maintain EUC/Model Inventory
2. Perform Discovery to ensure “accuracy and completeness” of inventory
3. Behavior analysis detects high-risk changes.
4. Machine learning/AI reduces human effort
5. Conduct visual error checks & input/output analysis
6. Code Analysis

1. Reduce hours of manual review for fast ROI
2. Greater confidence in EUC/Model outputs
3. Reduce operational risks
4. Improve controls and compliance
5. Increase audit readiness

With 25 years of experience and the largest client base of 600 clients in 30 countries, CIMCON Software is the recognized market leader in EUC/Model Risk Management. CIMCON pioneered the EUC Risk Managment marketplace and remains a Market Leader since then.

CIMCON also offers a complete range of services for implementation, including configuration and training.

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