Business intelligence dashboards for railroads

avtor: CloudMoyo Inc

Empower procurement with insights into contract value, end dates, and supply type.

CloudMoyo brings together 10+ years of data analytics expertise and Azure competency, and deep domain expertise, to create interactive, intuitive business intelligence dashboards for rail transportation companies. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Power BI, these dashboards provide data visualization and reporting features to support contract-related functions in your procurement and sales departments.

With these business intelligence dashboards, you can:
  • Track actual vs. planned vs. saved value from contracts
  • View total cost savings on total cost planned
  • Get visibility ahead of time into contract end dates
  • Enhance compliance for crew operations
  • Leverage contract score cards
  • Assess the value of contracts across supply types

By tapping into contract data, you can gain valuable insights into the health of your organization and leverage contract intelligence to grow your business.

About CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM)
CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM) is a Microsoft Azure-based, SaaS platform that empowers modern railroads to digitally transform their contractual relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, labor unions, and regulatory bodies. Powered by Icertis and enhanced by CloudMoyo proprietary apps tailor-made for railroads, CRCM allows railroads to simplify processes, accelerate commerce, mitigate risk, improve compliance, and exercise complete control over contract operations, maximizing ROI with faster time to value.

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