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Vulnerability Assessment Tool for cloud infra

Cloudzap is an innovative product designed and developed by Cloudserve Systems. It gives 360 degree holistic visibility of your Azure account and its security landscape. It performs Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for cloud platforms such as Azure, on the other hand majority tools perform VAPT on resources deployed on cloud platforms. One of Cloudzap's standout features is its ability to generate platform-agnostic reports, ensuring seamless access from any device. These reports are designed with user-friendliness in mind, eliminating the need for specialized skills. Setting up Cloudzap as your Azure Cloud Security Posture Management solution is a breeze, and even individuals with limited technical knowledge can effortlessly configure the tool with just a few clicks.

This tool feature entails a comprehensive examination of a user's Azure account and the Azure services employed within that account. Its primary objective is to detect potential security vulnerabilities arising from misconfigurations in Azure services. Cloudzap then goes a step further by attempting to exploit these identified weaknesses using a combination of internal tools and customized scripts. If the exploitation proves successful, Cloudzap diligently documents its findings and offers practical remediation recommendations to address the identified security issues.

Cloudzap utilizes Azure's best practices as a reference point for pinpointing vulnerabilities within cloud configurations. It achieves this by generating and juxtaposing historical security audit report findings with the recommended best practices. This process helps Cloudzap detect security gaps and, in addition, offers remediation steps for optimizing the Azure infrastructure to align with these best practices effectively.

Cloudzap provides a comprehensive inventory report encompassing your entire Azure account, complete with detailed information concerning subscribed regions and resource counts. This feature simplifies the process of identifying and removing unnecessary resources, enabling you to optimize your billing efficiently.

Cloudzap detects resources that remain unused within the account, including but not limited to Elastic IPs, Network Interfaces, Load Balancers, Security Groups, and Volumes. This not only strengthen the security of your account but also contributes to reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Cloudzap provides detailed reports about all public facing resources with resource type, resource count and open ports. This will help to identify and close unwanted open ports on resources to strengthen security posture.

Cloudzap provides a range of subscription plans designed to accommodate organizations of various sizes, from small and medium enterprises to large-scale enterprises. These plans include pay-as-you-go, long-term commitment, and customizable options, ensuring a solution that aligns with your budget and needs.

A plan activation process that is handled by our dedicated administrative team.

1. Plan Purchase: users can choose and purchase their desired pricing plan.

2. Verification: once the payment is confirmed, our team will verify the details.

3. Admin Activation: plan activation is then performed by our admin team. This ensures a thorough review and promotes a secure user experience.

This app supports in Microsoft Teams, outlook and Microsoft 365.
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