eSchooling SaaS

avtor: Codevision

e-Schooling helps the teaching and learning process, communication and school management.

e-Schooling is an application that aims to break every information barrier in Education. 
We want to help everyone who teaches and educates to be better at their work and tasks. 
At e-Schooling, teachers can manage their classes, students, share contents, collect and monitor evaluations, performance indicators and much more. Everything in a simple and intuitive way. Every dashboard is made of widgets that automatically suit every need and daily tasks of teachers. We believe that if it is simple, easy, and useful for users, the information related to management processes is automatically created in the application.
Beyond offering better working methods, e-Schooling also brings the families to school, giving visibility, access and significance to all those who want to be part of the student’s life. Everyone has a place in e-Schooling! 

In what is e-Schooling different from another educational applications and software’s? e-Schooling’s difference starts in our vision. In e-Schooling team, we have been working in school management for more than 17 years. We help daily hundreds of schools organizing their management procedures. But now, we believe it is important to think about Education. We want to move from managing a school to rethink students’ education in every dimension. For that, everyone who is part of this journey needs to use e-Schooling and to make this possible we must help school community, starting by giving them reasons to use our application.

And how do we do that? We offer everything they need to be better and more efficient in what they do. We desire to remove any superfluous detail and optimize everything that is really essential. The information cannot be seen and collected only with the goal to fill a report or an evaluation grid. Information has to be “alive”, and it needs to be useful for the actor. Getting the information centralized and automatically connected is what e-Schooling offers to every user who has a place in e-Schooling.

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