Coforge Airline Starter Kit – Process and Workflow Automations

avtor: Coforge Limited

Power Platform based Airline Starter Kit is the set of process automations.

Airline Starter Kit is the set of process automations that are common for airline operations.

Typically, any Airline must execute various tasks and operations for crew management, airport services, inflight operations, ground staff management, aircraft maintenance and other generic organization activities from HR, Account, IT departments. Several such tasks/activities/operations are common across the airline industry with little variations. This starter kit contains several solutions for such use cases; thus, it can be used as an accelerator for an airline to quickly deploy this kit and start utilizing the robust automation solution.

The solution enables department stakeholders from Maintenance, Inflight, Airport Services, Crew management, Operations, HR, and Procurement with use cases like flight maintenance ops, pilot license renewal, contract management, reimbursement and many more.

This Starter kit is developed on Microsoft’s low code/no code platform i.e., Power Platform. All the user interfaces on Power Apps, workflows on Power Automate, BI solution on Power BI, AI automation on AI builder/Azure cognitive services, Chatbot on Power Virtual Agent are developed. This solution is also flexible and adaptive to accommodate any specific requirement in case required.

The user interface is intuitive and provides a simple and effective way to apply process automation with minimal effort. Overall solution is powered by good combination of Microsoft Power Platform services.

Key Benefits:

o Readily available solution: Common process automations are ready for deployment with very minimal configurations only.

o Low Implementation cost: Reduced solution development cost.

o Easy to maintain: Due to Low code/No code solution, it is easier to do maintenance and support.

o Increased efficiency: Speed up the process and make it more efficient.

o Increased security: Increased security by reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

o Improved customer experience: Improve the customer experience by providing a faster and more accurate service.

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