COMtrac Investigation & Brief Management Solution

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COMtrac streamlines the investigative process, vastly improving quality and efficiency along the way

The COMtrac platform is a Case, Evidence and Brief Management solution.  It is used by Law Enforcement, Government Regulators and Private Sector clients, and provides a consistent approach to managing the investigation from an operational perspective.  It is used for all types of Investigations, from HR Breaches, Root Cause Analysis, Insurance Fraud, right through to Criminal Investigations.

COMtrac is not like any other Case Management System.  Most Case Management Systems are used to manage the Case or Incident at a high level.  Although COMtrac has all the Case Management features, it also gives the Investigator an operational environment to run the Investigation.  Investigators can map Evidence to Offence Elements and this gives them a visual picture of how the Case is progressing.  By mapping Evidence to Offence Elements, the Investigator can get a detailed and accurate picture of that is proven and what is left to prove.  We call this the process of Elementising Evidence.

By following a proven methodology, the system will automate investigation reports / briefs of evidence at any stage during the investigation.  Automated reporting improves the quality and the efficiency of the investigative team, and the system can produce configurable reports that can be used in court proceedings.  

Teams that use COMtrac benefit from the Investigation being compiled by the Investigators and handed over to Legal Officers to be cross-checked, which significantly improves the efficiency of any legal procedings that may arise following the Investigation.

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