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Total Childcare Subsidy Program Management.

KinderTrack is program management software that streamlines all components of case work—including eligibility determination, provider payments, attendance tracking, reporting, and more. If your agency provides services to subsidized families, KinderTrack is the solution for you.

KinderTrack is all about tracking—and that’s not just limited to childcare attendance tracking. Every change made in the system is recorded in history tables, along with a date and timestamp, the user who made the change, and the reason why the change was made, providing administrators with a complete audit trail.

KinderTrack supports an unlimited number of families, programs, and providers. In addition to automatically determining eligibility for multiple programs and calculating parent income information, the system makes it easy to record and review family and child case notes.

KinderTrack offers numerous options for efficiently entering childcare attendance. To manage child care schedules and certificates, users can generate paper or web-based sign-in sheets—or both.

Your agency will never overpay a provider when you use KinderTrack. The system stores regional market rates, as well as the rates of each provider, to ensure that reimbursement for childcare services do not exceed the ceiling

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