Clean City Monitoring

avtor: Cortexia

Monitor the level of urban cleanliness thanks to automatic real-time litter detection

The solution supports the cities' cleaning organizations (public or private) to monitor their service quality and manage their operations. It provides an accurate and real time monitoring of urban cleanliness (Clean City Index). Cleaning resources can be engaged when and where necessary, leading to significant improvement of urban cleanliness and saving of cleaning resources and costs, with corresponding savings in environmental footprint (energy and water savings, less CO2, noise and dust emissions).

Standard vehicles such as street sweepers or trucks are equipped with a camera and an Edge system detecting the different litter categories. Data is processed on board (gdpr compliant by design) and sent to Azure cloud by LTE. An interactive dashboard provides real-time vizualisation for soiling (Clean City Index and litter categories) over the city map (GIS) and time.

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