TeamsHub by Cyclotron for Non-Profits Offer

avtor: Cyclotron Inc.

Helping non-profits to adopt Teams using TeamsHub platform. Free 2 day workshop & 90-day free trial

As a special offer to Non-Profit Organizations, Cyclotron is offering a Free 2-day Teams Adoption Workshop and 90-day Free Trial of TeamsHub Adopt to support the Teams adoption needs of non-profits.

This program is built upon our highly successful accelerated Teams adoption program for Make-A-Wish, which needed a rapid implementation of Teams during the Covid-19 outbreak to support their national fundraising efforts. Leveraging TeamsHub by Cyclotron as the integrated adoption platform for end user training and self-help on Microsoft Teams, Cyclotron is able to accelerate Teams training and adoption.

Let us help your Non-Profit Organization to simplify your journey to Microsoft Teams. 

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