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Affordable, simple cloud publishing platform for screen-based signage

We are different, and we love it. Fortunately, so do our customers and partners. Join the growing community of happy DatabeatSIGNAGE users. It’s free with your Microsoft account.

At Databeat, we genuinely believe that simplicity is the key to happy users and cost efficiency. For more than 15 years, we’ve spent lots of time, money, and energy to figure out difficult challenges and make screen publishing simple. With evermore developers, focused in-house users, pilot customers, and partners we pledge to do whatever we can to uncover complexity and offer the simplest possible user experience. We do this so you can concentrate on making good content for your audience and spend less time publishing and distributing it. Do your own screen publishing without days of training or hiring expensive consultants to program and it.

You can sign up now with your Microsoft account and start creating your channels with your own videos, graphics, and pictures. Use the DatabeatSIGNAGE PowerPoint add-in to create meaningful content in Microsoft PowerPoint and publish without leaving the app. Depending on your Microsoft 365 credentials, you have direct access to calendars; your own, your colleagues’, rooms, and resources. Make practical door signs and overview screens in minutes.

The DatabeatSIGNAGE Screen Designer allows you to drag and drop widgets like news, weather, graphics, clocks, counters, and social media to add more informative content for your audience. The new Power BI widget lets you publish Power BI Reports, dashboards, and visuals.

When your content is prepared and organized in channels, you’ll want to know how it will appear on screens. Download the free Databeat OMNIcast app from the Microsoft Store and test run your channels on your Windows 10 PC. Only when you are completely satisfied and want to use it professionally will you need an OMNIplay license - one per screen. Test it with a free one-month license or pay for 3 months, or 1, 3, or 5 years, depending on the price you are willing to pay and commitment you want to make.

To simplify even further, we have developed world-class OMNIplay software for installation on selected Samsung, LG, and Philips Large Format Displays so you don’t even need an external PC or computer. This will save money on hardware, cables, and installation. For those who already have a screen with HDMI input, purchase a cheap preconfigured Android OMNIplay3 media player and you’re all set to go.

Our Pro plan gives you a full package with access to all features including Power BI widgets.

With DatabeatSIGNAGE you are in control, exactly how it should be!

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