avtor: Data Semantics Pvt Ltd

Exciting journey of RPA by removing the mundane & unproductive tasks of workforce

The solution automates:

· Registration/Renewals, as they are mostly done in groups and hence there will be a lot of registrations/renewal documents to download individually from the portal

· Taxi service providers in Dubai receive the possession certificate link in an email for the vehicles which have completed the de-registration/disposal. This email contains a link to download the possession certificate from the portal. This certificate is important to keep when the cars are disposing or selling. This certificate has to be saved in respective SharePoint folders and later capture the full details in it and update in ERP

Taxi services capture vehicle & Possession certificate data and upload it to a folder such as, D365

· Taxi services capture driver documents such as Passport, Emirates ID, Driver License, Visa, and RTA Permit data from the files and upload it to specific folder, and finally move all the data to D365

Most taxi services must deal with traffic fines. The volume of fines is always more than 100. These are then transferred to D365 to be posted against respective cars/drivers. OCR these traffic fines documents from the files dumped to specific folders and then uploading data to D365 as journals (Headers & Lines) would help in reducing in the manual work involved here.

This solution is used by the automotive industries to remove the mundane & unproductive tasks from the workforce & giving them back time for more strategic & productive jobs.

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