Davyn Social Security Citizen Engagement

avtor: Davyn Limited

Platform offering 360° management of Persons, Employers and Service Providers

Davyn's Social Security Citizen Engagement platform integrates Insured Persons Registration, Employer Registration, Contribution and Benefits to offer a 360° view of Persons, Employers and Service Providers. Portals are designed for Insured Persons, Employers, Compliance and Service Providers, with Multi Channel options to ensure accessibility by all Citizens/Clients. This solution provides the following benefits: - Single (360°) view of the citizen resulting in more informed decision making ​ - Increase operational efficiency and reduce processing times by integrating all systems into one streamlined platform with common processes.​ - Reduce branch wait times and improve service for Insured Persons by implementing appointments, self service kiosks and portals.​ - Improve accessibility and participation in Social Security by providing convenient, user centric channels.​ - Enhance reporting, alerts and dashboards to enable better decision making.​ - Improve performance management at by tracking business process times​ - Improve security of data by limiting access to authorized personnel and auditing user actions.​ - Fraud reduction through the application of biometrics.​ - Improve staff morale and trust.​

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