avtor: Decision Point Pvt. Ltd.

Beagle is an agile product that brings data and analytics to people through Microsoft Teams

Beagle is a conversational BI Analytics Tool, that brings byte-size information into your MS Teams environment as insight cards. Teams can collaborate on data together using Beagle within MS Teams, thereby shortening the decision-making cycles and increasing the adoption of data & analytics across the organization.  

Beagle is the Global Winner of MS Teams App Challenge & rated as the Best Productivity Tool on MS Teams

Beagle offers a wide range of features to enhance user experience in multiple scenarios


  • Converse with data in natural language
  • Deep dive on data within MS teams
  • Set personal notifications
  • Download data for later use 

  • Create insights collaboratively using Narrative Board
  • Set team level notifications for insight cards
  • Search and share cards in one on one chat 


  • Beagle can be called as a Virtual Analyst within a meeting
  • All meeting attendees can interact with beagle and analyze data during the meeting

  • Cards : Byte size information
  • Intuitive and Conversational UX
  • Connects to PowerBI / Tableau
  • Built in Advance Analytics modules
  • Personalization based on role

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