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Route Optimization API For Electric Vehicles, maximum 100 addresses/request, charging points details

Route Optimization API For Electric Vehicles (EV) - PatherizerEV (a solution to electric vehicles routing problem) is a cross browsers REST API supporting now a maximum of 100 stops per route or request including the start destination and the end destination. Beeing a multi stop route optimization software, PatherizerEV may be used by multiple calls to calculate and optimize routes for multiple vehicles, each vehicle with its optimized route. If you need a route optimization API for normal vehicles which includes also driving, bycicling and walking travel modes, click here. The route optimization algorythm is based per TSP (travel salesman problem) and it always calculate the shortest route betwween current stop and the next stop until it reaches the end destination. The input addresses are geocoded, so the JSON response will include latitude and longitude of each stop. If the route optimization API cannot recognize one or more of the input addresses it will not geocode these inputs and the API request will return a JSON Error as specified in the errors table. The JSON response also includes distances between each stops along the optimized route (in miles or km) and most important, the durration (in seconds) and durration in real traffic conditions (in seconds) at the time you make the request. A total distance of the optimized route is computed and also a total time. Available Travel Mode is only driving.

For each segment of the optimized multi stop route, depending of the vehicle's autonomy, EV Recharging Points data are calculated and if exist between the each segment's start point and destination point, it will be attached to that segment of the optimized route.

Allthough this Route Optimization API For Electric Vehicles is intended for software development and therefore developers, we have also here an online application that may be used to get listed the optimized route from the input text basically you input start address, end address and multi stop addresses (no matter the order) along the route separated by ";" Basically for Route Optimization API you send an authorized POST request in JSON format to the API endpoint and you get as JSON response a representing the optimized route in segments as you need to go. You may use it for commercial purposes for paid packages.

Route Optimization APP or API For Electric Vehicles is useful for a large number of domains like: driving route optimizer EV, delivery routing software EV, EV vehicle routing problem, EV fleet routing software etc.

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