Dhee.AI Conversational AI

avtor: Dheeyantra Research Labs Pvt Ltd

intelligent virtual agents (chatbots and voicebots) in Indian languages and English

Dhee.AI is an industry grade conversational AI which has efficient semantic searches and process memory, making it a one-stop solution for a diverse range of conversational automation use cases. Dhee.AI powers several chatbots and voicebots across industry domains today.

Enterprises can use Dhee.AI to develop intelligent virtual agents (IVA) which can :
* Converse with their customers on social chat platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram
* Take calls coming to the company's IVR and run outbound call campaigns,
* Perform voice assisted chat on a website via an out-of-the-box chat widget
* Deliver conversational experience via a custom user interface using Dhee’s voice and text APIs.

The Indian Language Focus:
For businesses intending to create conversational user interfaces for their consumers in the Indian subcontinent, Dhee.AI is probably the best choice to create those automations on.

Currently one can train and use Dhee.AI's NLP, speech recognition and speech synthesis in these languages - Indian English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam

Training is flexible and granular:
From the default utterances to Named entities to Developer defined entities, Dhee has a wide range of customization and granular training options. Not to mention you can customize the out-of-the box chat widget that we provide for your websites too.

Dhee.AI also has a very flexible and unique Dialog-State-Machine module, which supports hierarchical calls and flexible slot comparisons, making it a step ahead of graph based methods adopted by the rest of the industry for dialog automation.

Web Scale:
Dhee abstracts out the compute requirements and provides you with a simple elastic interface which scales to cater to the number of concurrent users engaging with your IVA.
With the capacity of our AI cloud increasing every passing week, you can safely leave the scalability of your conversational automation to us.

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