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Data Warehouse on Azure - Simplified

In today’s complex data environment, building a Data Warehouse is difficult. Use Dimodelo Data Warehouse Studio to simplify building a modern Data Warehouse targeting the Azure Data Platform. Reduce risk, effort and cost and quickly meet the demand for sophisticated analytics.

Dimodelo Data Warehouse Studio is a Data Warehouse Automation tool. It reduces the complexity and effort required to build a data warehouse. Using the tool, Developers quickly capture a Data Warehouse design. The design is then combined with prebuilt templates to generate and deploy a modern Data Warehouse optimised for Azure. Developers can quickly iterate, modifying the design, and re deploying changes as required.

The metadata-driven approach allows developers to quickly iterate through new releases of the data warehouse. Just change the design and regenerate. Changes propagate throughout the code artefacts of the solution.

When targeting Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL DW), Dimodelo Data Warehouse Studio generates a best practice data warehouse architecture utilizing Azure Data Lake, Polybase and Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL DW).

Dimodelo supports multiple environments (e.g. Dev, Test Prod), works with existing source control and CI/CD tool (e.g. Azure Dev Ops), and can target SQL Server, AAzure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL DW) and Azure SQL database.

  • Deliver a Data Warehouse fast
  • Respond quickly to change
  • Migrate and Modernize

"In a matter of 1 hour, I have been able to use Dimodelo to perform the transformations and additional metrics I wanted, deployed and tested in UAT" ... Nigel Rablin, Business Intelligence Specialist, Bolton Clarke

Dimodelo Solutions are experts in Data Warehouse design and development. Years of experience have been distilled into Dimodelo Data Warehouse Studio, a metadata-driven Data Warehouse tool. Combine this with the design skills of Dimodelo Solutions personnel to help you deliver a Data Warehouse fast.

An offer to get you started

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Azure Data Warehousing Simplified
  • Develop a production-ready data warehouse in as little as 8 hours.

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