Shohoz Truck Rental

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Cloud-Powered one-stop Logistics Solution for all your TRUCK needs.

Shohoz Truck is a SaaS platform, which is a part of Shohoz, a technology-enabled logistics company that aims to deliver and provide transparency and par excellence to our clients.
As a service, Shohoz Truck is a multi-tenanted platform that enables all sorts of TRUCK needs for B2C & B2B marketplace. The platform can make it easier for shippers, transporters, and brokers across the world to connect with a network of verified truck owners and fleet operators. 
The truck business as a whole is quite primitive in around the world, but using technology to solve the volatility of a market that changes every minute, is something revolutionary.  The introduction of the digital medium to facilitate, manage, and request Trucks for all sorts of logistical needs, have shifted the market in a new direction. Shohoz Truck as a service-oriented platform aims to solve some of the basic problems and they are-
• Market-place Rate Stabilization 
• Verified Fleet-Operators
• Constant Truck Availability
• Risk mitigation for both party 
• Earning & Cost Guarantee
As the business grows, our Technology team is hard at work, scaling up the service complementing the business team to reach their goals without having to worry about all the challenges of infrastructure. This was possible due to the Azure Cloud-based hosting solution which Microsoft has graciously helped us transition over. 
Powered by Azure Cloud Services and Azure Machine Learning, here are some key benefits Shohoz Truck as a platform is delivering:
• Single Sign-on capability helping multiple actors, such as Merchants, Vendors, Fleet operators, Users & Operations personnel -logging into our service with different capabilities.
• Built-in virtualization technology enables us to manage different environments, where you get to sand-box all sorts of scenarios, in real-time helping us to understand our capabilities better
• Azure-based SaaS platform benefited our service to build, deploy, and manage the apps in a quick and easier way, as we have present in different platforms
For managing Shohoz Truck service, based on your Operational & business entities, there are internal Panels which enables you to have good control over the whole platform. These are the panels that help operation teams to manage the service - 
• Admin Panel
• Customer Care Panel
• Operations Panel
• Sales Panel
• Acquisition Panel
• Brand Promoter’s Panel
• Corporate Sales Panel
• Accounts Panel
• Verification Panel
• Human Resource Panel

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