Earth Knowledge

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Earth Knowledge: integrated ESG, climate & nature solutions for Government & Private Sector

Earth Knowledge

Integrated Planetary Intelligence

Earth Knowledge is a data infrastructure and analytics company specializing in both climate and nature. Our cloud-native platform models the cascading and inter-related impacts of critical earth systems globally. Governments and the private sector rely on our data and analyses to answer questions and inform intelligent decisions regarding environmental change that impact current and future risks and sustainability. Our team consists of world-leading scientists, engineers and analysts who contextualize complex, multi-dimensional, non-linear planetary and environmental data. We transform science into actionable data to enable decisions that are better for the organization and for the planet.

What can you do with Earth Knowledge?

Visualize Climate Impact: Understand the future conditions impacting your assets or region. Use included tools to identify trends, predict possible futures and inform decisions or reporting under CSRD, ESRS, TCFD/ISSB, TNFD and more.

Gain Climate and Nature Insights to Mitigate Risks: Choose from a global suite of over 50 climate and nature indicators. Learn how to leverage each indicator using our extensive knowledge base, including sector-specific examples, mitigation/adaption strategies and data-science tools.

Explore Cascading Interactions: Leverage Earth Knowledge Twin which natively models cascading impacts across different earth systems. See how changes in one earth system interacts with other subsystems to reduce or amplify the change.

Compare Future Climate Scenarios: Dynamically choose from four (4) SSPs across a 200-year period and model how possible futures affect assets and regional risks.

Analyze Regional Impacts: Perform fine-scaled wildfire potential and hydrologic conditions forecasts across large regions or continents. Export to industry standard formats such as GIS for external analysis.

How does Earth Knowledge work?

Geolocated data assimilation: Earth Knowledge Twin ingests common geolocation formats to intersect all locations in our planetary models. Service includes lat/lon validation and error correction against known locational databases.

Resolution options: Industry-leading spatial resolution available from 1km (globally) to 250m or higher for regional analysis. Select from decadal, semi-decadal, annual or monthly (regional only) temporal resolutions.

Data integration: Analyse your data in the included PowerBI environment, or export to most open and industry standard formats, such as Esri GeoDatabase, OGC GeoPackage, GeoJSON, GeoParquet, GeoTIFF, and KML.

Customization: Extend Earth Knowledge Twin code to custom wildfire and hydrology models for your specific region or challenge.

Expert Consultation: Use Earth Knowledge Insights (separate) to perform detailed analysis and identify mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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