Eastbanc Technologies LLC

A better public transportation experience for riders and BI for agencies.

Mobile Applications Through a native cross-platform mobile app, citizens can view real-time bus positions as well as arrival predictions. Support for rail, bike, and even Car2Go ensures they have a clear view of all available options including predicted travel time. It allows users to explore bus stops and rail stations around them, search specific stops, routes or landmarks, and plan upcoming trips. Service alerts and location-based push notification ensure citizens are kept in the loop. Integration with Bluetooth Beacons enables visually impaired users to safely navigate the transportation system. Business Intelligence At the core of TRANSITiQ is a powerful data processing and report generating component that takes you inside the performance of your fleet. Use this ever-growing set of pre-built statistical visualization tools to gain a better perspective on system performance, anomaly detection, trends, goal measurement, and inter-agency comparisons. The analysis drills across all modes of transportation (buses, heavy or light rail, streetcars, ferries, water taxis, etc.).
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