SmartEYE Factory Flow SaaS (Real-Time, On-Demand, Virtual Production Meeting)

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Track Production Progress/Delays, Resource Efficiency and BOM shortages, all in Real-Time

Are your Production Meeting decisions based on Real-Time Data?
Can you pinpoint Production Delays precisely?
Do you know which machines, employees, departments are problematic?
Can you access Production Meeting data anywhere, anytime?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, we can help!

Bringing Instant, Affordable Data-Driven Decision-Making To Small, Medium, Large Manufacturers

LEVEL 1 (SmartEYE™ Factory Flow SaaS): Track Production Progress and Delays, Resource Efficiency And BOM Shortages, All In Real-Time

  • Identify BOM and Subassembly Shortages Before a Production Run
  • Production Scheduling
  • Confirm Production Schedule Compliance
  • Identify Personnel Underperformance
  • Identify Bottlenecks (Inventory, Personnel, Equipment, Scheduling)
  • Track Final Product and/or Subassembly Stock
  • Independent Confirmation of Compliance with Production Process for Certifications
  • Instant Access
  • ERP and BI System Integration Available
  • Customization Available

Step 1: Name Your Products and Production Steps
Step 2: Upload Your Product BOMs and/or Subassemblies (optional)
Step 3: Start Your Journey to Industry 4.0!

SmartEYE™ offers immediate ROI by eliminating production waste and delays and identifying resource inefficiencies starting on Day 1. Start with Level 1 (SmartEYE™ Factory Flow SaaS) to organize and analyze where waste and delays are happening. Once you are ready, add Level 2 to one or more machines, to track machine usage, energy waste and problematic machinery. If one or more machines are experiencing routine downtime, graduate to Level 3 so you can pinpoint downtime and product quality issues at the machine-feature level, as well as implement predictive maintenance. This is how the multi-billion-dollar enterprises run lean, and now all of this technology is available to manufacturers of all sizes.


LEVEL 2 (SmartEYE™ Factory Flow PaaS): Track Production Progress, Resource Efficiency, BOM Shortages, Machine Usage, Machine Uptime/Downtime And Energy Cost Per Machine, All In Real- Time

  • All of the Level 1 benefits (with Instant Access after self-installation of machine-attached clip-on device)
  • Schedule Machine Usage Optimally
  • Identify Which Machines are Costing the Most Money in Downtime
  • Log Issues Causing Machine Downtime and Log Resolutions
  • Compare Machine Efficiencies with Respect to Various Products
  • Compare Resource Efficiency with Respect to Various Machines
  • Confirm Product Cost in Terms of Energy Usage
  • Data Analytics on the Edge or the Cloud
  • Machine Learning and AI Capabilities

LEVEL 3 (SmartEYE™ Factory Flow PaaS Premium): Track Production Progress, Resource Efficiency, BOM Shortages, Machine Usage, Machine Uptime/Downtime, Machine Functionality (For And Energy Cost Per Machine, All In Real-Time

  • All of the Level 1 and Level 2 benefits (with Instant Access after Ectron install, which takes 1-day)
  • Determine the Cause for Machine Downtime by Monitoring Machine Feature Data
  • Receive Alerts Upon Machine Profile Deviations (before they impact Product Quality)
  • Monitor Machine Profile Deviations and Connect to Machine Downtime for Predictive Maintenance
  • Monitor the Impact of Environmental Conditions
  • Near-Unlimited Data Analytics: Machine Learning/AI Capabilities, compatible with over 40 industrial protocols and over 1800 Industrial-Grade Sensor Options.
  • Tell us what problem you are trying to solve, what data you need to solve it and we will create a customized SmartEYE™ solution.

SmartEYE™ offers Factory Monitoring, Industrial IoT, IIoT, Manufacturing Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Insights, Predictive Analytics, IoT Analytics, Real-Time Streaming Analytics, Dashboard and Data Visualization, Remote Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Diagnostics, Task Management, Project Management, Smart Infrastructure

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