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Element AssetHub

Element Analytics

AssetHub is a data hub connecting time-series, IT, and OT to manage operational asset models.

Data is the fuel driving innovation in today’s enterprises. Yet asset-intensive industries face a fundamental challenge converting their asset data into analytics. Asset data is stored in silos across many production sites and systems, out of reach for most data consumers. Simply consolidating asset data in a data lake doesn’t solve the problem because without context you can’t find all the operational signals in the data. Modeling asset data to build that context is challenging because of the complex structure and semantics of asset data, especially sensor data. Element AssetHub™ eliminates the data challenges holding back analytics with an all-in-one solution that integrates, harmonizes, and contextualizes your asset data. AssetHub is a multi-faceted solution to connect disparate asset data sources, manage data modeling through Asset Twins (the dynamic digital representations of physical assets), and share common data models and asset data for easy consumption across the enterprise. AssetHub is delivered on a modern cloud-native architecture to overcome the integration, data modeling, and persistence challenges inherent in utilizing asset data for advanced industrial analytics. AssetHub unlocks your asset data, providing a 360° view of every asset, enabling advanced analytical and AI applications. AssetHub’s architecture supports hybrid data connectivity to data sources of any type, whether on-premise or cloud-based. Off-the-shelf Data Agents connect to time-series, transactional and master data systems with high speed and stable data migration of large and complex data sources.