Uptake IIoT Data Science & Analytics Expertise


How is your IIoT Analytics Strategy and Data Science Program?

Uptake has a team of engineers with advanced degrees in data analytics and years of experience building performance and condition monitoring applications. We have developed models using many different tool sets, effectively and efficiently, and are effective at bridging the gap between less-skilled operations personnel and data scientists from other domains.

Uptake's consultants conduct analytic platform design, tool and application selection, opportunity investigation and assessment, and analytic project structure definition to make recommendations on IIoT solutions that are important and relevant to your business.

Much of the value for IIoT is realized through improved equipment reliability: increasing production while reducing maintenance costs. Uptake can help improve reliability by setting up a reliability program, automating monitoring or implementing prescriptive maintenance.

Uptake's principal consultants have the experience to help with automation projects at any scale. From lab to world-scale, from instrumentation selection to production reporting, our consultants are recognized for their expertise in automation, frequently being called upon to resolve difficult control challenges.

About Us:

Uptake's team of consultants, developers and process control engineering experts in cloud technology, global connectivity and communication infrastructure are available to assist you through your journey of digital cloud transformation. We provide technology neutral Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions by leveraging over 100 years of combined industrial experience in automation and deriving value from the analysis of operational data. Our innovative IIoT leadership and technology bridges the gap between Operational Technology and Information Technology to elevate operational performance.

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