EDRM for SharePoint, Teams and Office 365

avtor: Encodian Solutions Ltd

Enhanced document and records management solution for SharePoint online and Teams

Take charge of your organisations documents and records by automating document filing, adding rich document metadata through no-code integration, implementing complex retention schedules and providing users with a simple to use interface to explore documents in context (Patient records, legal matters, account management, etc.). Configurable Case View Present documents in a configurable and structured context, allowing a user to seamlessly and explore records relating to the context. Covering any context; HR Files, Patient Records, Finance, Legal, Projects, Accounts, etc. HTML5 Document Viewer Our HTML document viewer allows users to select and view 70+ different types of files without needing to open within the client application. This provides rapid access to select and explore documents within the case view. Search & Refinement Enable users to quickly find the relevant documents in large cases, through 'Free Text' search and configurable search refiners. For example; a user could very quickly locate all 'Approved' 'Contracts' 'Created' in the last 90 days. Annotation & Redaction Users are able to create personal and shared document annotations and even apply redactions through selection or search. Neither annotations or redactions change the underlying record assuring regulatory compliance. Complex Retention Schedules Building upon Microsoft SharePoint standard records management capabilities, Encodian EDRM adds support for complex retention schedule rules which cannot be served by the standard Microsoft offerings.# Automatic Document Filing Assure that documents are consistently filed in the correct location using the configurable metadata document routing engine. This assures that documents can be easily found and the correct retention schedules are always applied. Automatic Document Conversion Enable automatic document format conversion (PDF/A) for automatically filed documents to comply with common records management, archive and regulatory compliance practices No-code Integration Automatically attach business data to document metadata through no-code integration. For example; Automatically add patient demographic data to filed documents, enabling automatic filing and complex retention schedule assignment Audit and Reporting Our advanced audit engine captures all user and administrative actions enabling advanced reporting. Records managers are also provided with common regulatory reports above SharePoint's standard capabilities. Outlook Integration Allow users to add emails and attachments directly from Outlook, enabling automatic document routing through no-code integration where users can classify emails and attachments from within Outlook. Bespoke Our EDRM solution can be delivered on-premise, in a dedicated Azure subscription or as a 'SAAS' service. We also provide bespoke solutions, tailoring to meet your businesses specific requirements.

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