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Machine Learning platform to improve people's experiences delivering predictions.

EPICA Platform, geared mainly for Mid-sized companies in the Retail, Digital Commerce, CPG, healthcare, and financial services sectors using Dynamics365 applications,  with a clear goal to increase revenue and secure client retention by enhancing their competitive advantages through extraordinary customer experiences that build long-lasting connections.  Improve the relevance of the offer by delivering hyper-personalized messages to every single customer using data-led insights as to the main driver for consumer understanding. Turn historical business data like inventory, sales, and ROI into actionable business predictions such as demand forecasting, purchase intentions, and high performing sales channels, among others.
Faster Time-to-Value solution with reduced onboarding process shorting averages from months to weeks, even days. Reduce integration requirements with an all-in-one packaged platform able to be integrated with most of the currently implemented data stack which does not require new technologies to get the value.  Fully compliant with global data regulations, CCPA, and GDPR. An easy to use technology which doesn’t imply hidden costs in retraining or hiring new specialized staff.
Our product enables data analytics which helps companies hit business challenges associated with revenue growth, conversion increase, and cost reductions by delivering real-time predictions automatically integrated with hyper-personalized customer experience in Dynamics 365 or similar applications.  Within an all-in-one platform that allows complete control of the data, and fully compliant with data regulations. Making Machine Learning models faster without coding.

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