ShareAspace - Design to Manufacturing

avtor: Eurostep AB

ShareAspace is an easy-to-use product information sharing platform in the cloud.

Need to share your designs and specifications with partners or suppliers when outsourcing your manufacturing?

ShareAspace is an easy-to-use product information sharing platform. It makes collaboration with suppliers and partners simple while keeping information secure and available on the cloud. Bring design specifications, product data, BOMs, drawings, 3D models, purchase orders, change notices and more into ShareAspace, so you can see everything in ONE place and control exactly what you let your partners see!

ShareAspace - Design to Manufacturing is a SaaS solution that let you connect your existing data, prepare it for sharing if necessary and then share with the companies that you invite into your 'space'. Easy and secure!

Designing and manufacturing a product requires collaboration and information sharing between suppliers, partners and manufacturers, as well as internally across different departments and disciplines. Global value chains increasingly need to share intellectual property at an ever-faster pace. ShareAspace is the perfect tool for quality managers, strategic purchasing or collaboration managers that has the responsibility to streamline partner collaboration processes but also need to ensure intellectual property protection of the company.

ShareAspace - Design to Manufacturing, builds on the knowledge Eurostep has gathered for over 20 years by partnering with leading organizations like BAE Systems, Volvo and Siemens Energy, to support these important use cases also for smaller firms that have the same complex problems as OEMs but lack the resources and expertise to use more traditional PLM-enabling solutions.

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